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Hein’s New Current Online Subscription Model provides you access to articles as soon as they are published!

What is Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model?

Hein is pleased to introduce the Current Online Subscription Model! This model allows journals to publish their content on the HeinOnline platform. This will allow users to gain online access to every article as soon as it is published. Online access also includes all historical volumes, making the entire archive fully searchable in an online format. PLUS, users will be provided access to exclusive material not found in the bound volumes such as classic books, bibliographies of works, and links to other material of interest all related to the international jurisprudence of the family.

What is “current content”?

Volume 1 (2010) of the International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family (IJJF) is the inaugural volume for this journal. Current content in the Current Online Subscription Model is made up of the most recent volume published. We have published twelve articles this far in Volume 2 (2011), therefore Volume 2 is the current content for this journal. Once Volume 3 is published, Volume 2 becomes part of the historical back file. To ensure that you know when new

content becomes available, you can create an eTOC alert using a MyHein account in HeinOnline. After you create an eTOC alert for this title, you will receive an email notification alerting you whenever new content is added.

What journal’s are available in Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model?

The first journal available in the Current Online Subscription Model through Hein is the International Journal of Jurisprudence of the Family, which is available exclusively through Hein.

About IJJF

The International Journal of Jurisprudence of the Family is an academic journal established to foster the publication of scholarly works relating to the foundations of family life and family law. It aims to contribute to an understanding and appreciation of the contributions made by families to the flourishing of individuals and of societies. It explores the meaning of provisions which protect the family, such as the statement in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the family is the “natural and fundamental group unit of society.” It seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the principles upon which families are based and of the standards of law and the governmental policies through which family life can be recognized and promoted.

Current List of Articles in Volume 2

The current content for Volume 2 of IJJF includes twelve articles:

  • Education In The Secular State: Whose Right Is It?  –  Carmen Garcimartín
  • The Children of No-Fault Divorce: Family Structure and Success –  Baroness Ruth Deech
  • Families We Choose? Visions of a World Without Blood Ties – George W. Dent, Jr.
  • Curbing It’s Enthusiasm: U.S. Federal Policy and the Unitary Family – Helen M. Alvaré
  • What’s In Between the Lines? Principles and Reality of Family Law in Japan – Teiko Tamaki
  • Cohabitation, Single Parenting, Extended-Family Parenting, and the Role of Kinship and Religion – Paul Galea
  • Her Choice, Her Problem: How Having a Choice Can Diminish Family Solidarity –  Richard Stith
  • Why French Law Rejects a Right to Gay Marriage: An Analysis of Authorities – William C. Duncan
  • Human Dignity and the Pregnant Woman’s Right to Receive Support – Debora Gozzo
  • Artificial Reproductive Techniques and Parenting Trends and Paradoxes – Jorge Nicolas Lafferriere
  • Are Christians Fit to be Parents and Guardians – The Case of Johns v. Derby City Council – Robert John Araujo
  • The Principle of Verisimilitude of Artificial Filiation Links: Biology as a Model for the Law of Parent and Child – Carlos Martinez de Aguirre

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