JUST PUBLISHED – Confidence in the Courtroom

2010, Criminal Law and Procedure, Judicial Administration editor

Understanding the Federal Rules of Evidence
By: James Headley and Corey Osborn
Confidence in the Courtroom is a practical guide to understanding the federal rules of evidence and how they are applied. Lawyers have a responsibility to introduce evidence that helps their client and to prevent opponents from introducing evidence that is improper. The judge, the person determining what evidence is admitted and what evidence is not, uses legal reasoning to apply the rules of evidence to the facts of the case. Understanding how legal professionals think and the way they analyze problems will help readers communicate effectively with the judge and get the evidentiary rulings they want.
This work is designed to introduce the process of legal reasoning and the basic principles of evidence to anyone preparing for trial. Whether you are an attorney faced with presenting your client’s case, an advocacy or mock trial student preparing for your trial, or a student studying evidence for the first time, the tools introduced here will allow you to step into the courtroom and make your arguments with confidence.
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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2010

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