A Treatise of the Law of Property

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Arising from the Relation Between Husband and Wife, Second Edition
By: R.S. Donnison Roper

This treatise considers the subject of property ownership in a marital relationship under four general divisions:

  • Rights acquired by the husband in the real and personal estates of the wife and his power of the same
  • Rights acquired by the wife in the real and personal estates of the husband and the wife’s power over the former
  • Effects of marriage upon the acts and agreements of husband and wife prior to marriage and the husband’s liability in respect to this acts
  • Agreements and the disabilities of “coverture,” and the exceptions to those disabilities

This work stands out as both a classic in English legal history and for also providing a fine snapshot into the era.
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List Price, the set in 2 volumes: $235.00
Originally Published: London; Joseph Butterworth and Son; 1826
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2006

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