Congress and Boxing

2010, Hein's Sports Law Legislative History Series, Legislative History, Sports Law editor

A Legislative History, 1960-2003
Edited by: William H. Manz & Edmund P. Edmonds

Boxing has been a topic of serious congressional interest for 50 years, dating back to the 1960 Kefauver hearings on the influence of organized crime over the sport. While three additional hearings followed and numerous bills were introduced to provide for boxing’s regulation and reform, none were enacted and the sport continued to escape congressional regulation for decades. Finally, in 1996, Congress passed the Professional Boxing Safety Act to protect the general welfare of professional boxers, expand the system of safety precautions, assist state boxing commissions, and properly oversee the professional boxing industry in the United States. This landmark legislation also paved the way for the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act of 1998. This set features the text of the 1960s hearings and other related hearings, all the relevant congressional debate, the major hearings and reports from the two Acts, a selected bibliography of books and articles, legislative chronologies, and an index naming the many witnesses who appeared at the congressional hearings.

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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2005
Hein’s Sports Law Legislative History Series, Number 2

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