Account of the Proceedings in the Trial of Susan B. Anthony

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On the Charge of Illegal Voting, at the Presidential Election in Nov., 1872. And on the Trial of Beverly W. Jones, Edwin T. Marsh and William B. Hall, the Inspectors of Election by whom her Vote was Received
By: Susan B. Anthony

In 1872, a group of women led by Susan B. Anthony attempted to vote during the presidential election, claiming they were entitled to do so by the Fourteenth Amendment. The presiding officials decided by a majority to accept their ballots. The women were soon arrested for this act and indicted for “knowingly voting without having a lawful right to vote.” The officials involved were also indicted. In this work, Anthony provides an account of the landmark suffragist trial before the U.S. Circuit Court for the Northern District of New York, which brought the cause of women’s voting rights to the forefront of national attention. This volume reprints the text of the indictment and a transcript of the testimony with connecting commentary. The appendix offers an address by Anthony delivered before her trial, a speech on her behalf by Joslyn Gage, and a critical assessment of the trial by John Hooker.

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Originally Published: Rochester; Daily Democrat and Chronicle Book Print; 1874
Reprinted: New York; The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.; 2002
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