The Adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment

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By: Horace Edgar Flack

The Adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment reviews the purpose and object of this Amendment in historical context while analyzing how Supreme Court decisions during the 40 years between the Amendment’s complete ratification in 1868 and this work’s original publication gave the Fourteenth Amendment a vastly different meaning than those who drafted it had intended. In compiling this work, Flack used all of the chief sources of the time, including the Congressional Globe and Record, the Reports of various Committees, and contemporary newspaper accounts. He includes a preface, a review of each of the sections of the Amendment, an appendix on the text of the War Amendments, and a complete index, assuring this work’s place as a constitutional law classic.

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Originally Published: Baltimore; The Johns Hopkins Press; 1908
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2003

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