Reassignment Under the ADA:

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Must an Employer Hire a Minimally Qualified Employee Over a More Qualified, Non-Disable Applicant?
By: Amy R. Stein

The Americans With Disabilities Act was put into place in order to address the major areas of discrimination faced daily by people with disabilities. Congress found that historically society had tended to isolate and discriminate against people with disabilities, and therefore, passed the ADA with the purpose of eliminating such discrimination. Under the ADA, employers are prohibited from discrimination against a disabled employee in any personnel decisions and must provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees. “Reasonable accommodations” include job restructuring, modified work schedules, reassignment to a vacant position, and appropriate adjustment or modifications of examinations. Amy Stein has prepared this guide to lead researchers through the process of determining the state of law today and to examine different judicial approaches to this unsettled debate. This guide provides the user with citations to and summaries of the leading primary and secondary materials to research this topic thoroughly. Stein appropriately describes the importance of each research step and explores in-depth how courts have interpreted the language in the ADA regarding reasonable accommodations and reassignment.
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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2009
Legal Research Guide Series v. 52

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