Export Control and WMD Nonproliferation Law

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A Legal Research Guide, Second Edition
By: Wei Luo

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The United States has been the leader in strongly advocating nonproliferation of WMD and export controls of civilian and military dual-use goods, one of the most important focal points of international cooperation since the end of WWII. In fact, the United States has established a very sophisticated export control system to prevent its and its allies’ weapons and technologies from getting into the hands of any adversaries. Export Control and WMD Nonproliferation Law, Second Edition, focuses on U.S. export controls, international nonproliferation cooperation, and the export control laws of major countries that possess WMD technologies. This work also provides readers with a wide range of annotated legal research resources on the topics for would-be researchers. Luo’s work is designed to walk researchers through the maze of international and domestic export control regimes caused by the overlap and complexities of laws on this topic.
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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2009
Legal Research Guide v. 54

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