Gambling with Crime, Destabilized Economies, and Financial Systems

2009, Business/Economics, Law Reform, Public Law and Policy, United States International Gambling Reports admin

U.S. International Gambling Report Series
Edited by: John W. Kindt

In this volume, historical comments and reprinted government source materials document the predictable negative socioeconomic impacts of decriminalized organized gambling on U.S. and international economies and destabilized financial systems. One important historical document is the reprinted analysis of gambling’s negative impacts on job creation, which was presented to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Furthermore, this volume has sample templates for economic analyses involving gambling, as exemplified by one produced by Wichita State University. Gambling with Crime, Destabilized Economies, and Financial Systems is the third volume in Kindt’s U.S. International Gambling Report Series, the first academic collection to deal comprehensively with gambling.

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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2009

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