Physician-Assisted Death

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Four Views on the Issue of Legalizing PAD: A Legal Research Guide
By: Candle M. Wester-Mittan

The issues surrounding physician-assisted death (PAD) are not new to the legal arena. The basic argument for legalizing PAD is that it gives terminally ill patients the ability to end their pain and suffering. The basic argument against PAD is that it will cause a slippery slope ending in the possibility of PAD being forced upon terminally ill patients who do not wish to end their lives. Wester-Mittan’s Physician-Assisted Death is divided into four parts: proponent resources for legalizing PAD, opponent resources against legalizing PAD, resources on natural treatment for legalizing PAD, and a collection of resources on an international perspective and comparison of the legalization of PAD. Each section contains monographs, law review articles, statutes and other resources that provide users with a foundation on the subject and its legalization.

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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2009

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