Bench and Bar

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A Complete Digest of the Wit, Humor, Asperities and Amenities of the Law
By: L.J. Bigelow

While many historical works provide summaries of decisions made in various courts, few titles offer insight into the actual discussions and debates that frequently occurred. L. J. Bigelow’s Bench and Bar contains hundreds of anecdotes from the Lord Chancellors of England and celebrated British Barristers, as well as from Chief Justices and distinguished advocates of the United States. Bench and Bar also serves the valuable purpose of providing a glimpse into the lives of important historical figures, such as Sir Thomas More, Queen Eleanor, John Jay, John Marshall, and Aaron Burr.

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Originally Published: New York; Harper & Brothers Publishers; 1871
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2003

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