The Elements of the Common Lawes of England

2008, Legal History, United Kingdom editor

Branched into a Double Tract: the One Containing a Collection of Some Principall Rules and Maximes of the Common Law … Explicated for the More Facile Introduction of Such are Studiously Addicted …
By Sir Francis Bacon

This historic reprint is comprised of two different treaties. The first, A Collection of Some Principall Rules … contains twenty-five maxims, or regulae. They are remarkable for their stylistic vigor, intellectual rigor, meticulousness and clarity. The second treatise, Maximes of the Common Lawes of England … reviews the history and practical application of criminal law, estate law, personal property law and the law of slander.

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Originally Published: London; Printed by the Assignes of John More; 1639.
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2007.

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